Sunday, July 10, 2011

FDO site down, but not dead.

So I know that it's been an extremely long time since our last release, but FDO is not dead. To make matters worse, the company who we had our domain registered and our digital store through (two different companies!) went out of business, so our site is down. At the moment, I'm not certain if the digital store will be back up as it appeared before. There is a good chance that I might have to move everything over to a bandcamp page. I'll cross that bridge when I get there....

In other, more exciting news.....

ARS PHOENIX is getting ready to drop their second full length entitled, "Hanging Fire."

"'To hang fire' means 'to hesitate', 'to remain concealed', 'to withdraw, or step back, in the very act of seemingly stepping forward to say something'. 'To hang fire' is 'to keep something hidden in the very act of revealing something'....The expression, from the early history of firearms, describes any discernible delay between the ignition of the powder and the actual firing of the ball. 'To hang fire' is thus to be on the threshold between firing and not firing, in the interval between speech and silence."

CD / Digital download will be available within the next few weeks!


Next up:
DALETH - TBA 7" (Lathe-cut)

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